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Swiss Alp Well Update

Swiss Alp Well Update:

Operators were able to get the well up and running last night and it is currently pumping into the ground storage tank. We are currently trying to equalize the pneumatic tanks. We are asking for all members on FM 155 Near the Holman Area, FM 1965, FM 1383, FM 3171, Swiss Alp Lp, E Radhost School Rd (if you don’t have water), HWY 77 from FM 2436 to Swiss Alp Dance Hall to turn their personal cut off valves, just past the meter, off. If you do not have a personal cut off valve we are asking to keep all faucets closed while the system pressurizes and we try to fill our main lines. Please leave the cut off valve and faucets off until further notice

Please continue boiling all water for consumption and continue to conserve as much as possible. If you need to wash dishes, please boil the water and then hand wash them. We are still asking members to wait to do their laundry.

We are hoping that by tomorrow members will be able to open their cut off valves and have water and pressure. Hopefully by Friday, our system will be back to normal pressure.