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Boil Water Notice

FWSC has been getting asked when the boil water notice will be rescinded.
In order for us to rescind the notice we are required to do the following per TCEQ:
1. Water Distribution Pressure has to be greater than 20 PSI
2. The distribution system has to be flushed and disinfectant residuals must consistently maintain 0.2 mg/L of free chlorine.
3. The residuals must be taken to the lab in Bastrop for testing.
4. Once we get the results back and they pass TCEQ requirements we will be able to rescind the notice. Until then please continue to boil all water used for consumption.
The boil water notice effects FWSC’s entire East System (all members East of the Colorado River) and parts of the West System. Please see the list below for the members effected on the West System.
FM 155, FM 3233, Creamer Creek Rd, Guenther Rd, Cozy Corner Rd, Hausmann Gin Rd, Munke Rd, Lane Pool Rd, Hausmann Gin Crossover, Johnson Rd, Loehr Rd, Country Club Dr, Panorama Rd, Petter Rainosek Lp, Timberlake Dr, Grande Dr, Kruppa Rd, Voss Ln, Ronnie Rd, McDaniel Ln, George Rd, Strixner Rd, Janda Ln, Swiss Alp Hills Lp, E & W Panorama Dr, Marilyn’s Ln, Mullins Prairie Lp, Kana Rd, Kobersky Ln, Anton Salas Lp, Hajosky Rd, Mazoch Rd, Mensik Rd, Camp Lone Star Rd, Kallus Rd, Baseball Diamond Lp,Berger Rd, Peeler Rd, Gebert Rd, Pin Oak Rd, Speed Ln, Bohuslav Rd, Anders Bottom Rd, Lidiak Rd, FM 1383, FM 1965, Neisner Rd, Ohnheiser Kaase Rd, E & W Radhost School Rd, FM 3171, FM 2436, Bittner Rd, E Parker Rd, FM 2237 E of FM 154, 1st St – Muldoon, 2nd St – Muldoon, 3rd St – Muldoon, Cochran St, Leonard St, Kerr St, Boulton Creek Rd, Mach Rd, Knape Rd, O’Quinn Branch Rd, Frank Rd, US Hwy 77
FWSC still has bottled water available in the warehouse. If you need some, please stop by our office from 7:30-4:00.